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Cookies for Grown-Ups

Posted on June 11 2020

Cookies for Grown Ups

Why Cookies for the Grown-Up Palate?

It goes without saying that taste preferences change as people age. The enjoyment of sugary sweetness as a child is most likely replaced by the search for more complexity as an adult.

By this, we mean the mature palate seeks more than sweetness when encountering a cookie. There is a greater interest and appreciation for savory flavors such as rosemary, sesame, and ginger. Nuanced sources of sweetness from toasted coconut, dried cherries, and dark chocolate become more intriguing.

Given this partiality, Lark’s Cookies for Grown-Ups® and Savory Biscuits have been created with adult consumers in mind. Our products especially appeal to discerning taste buds that have become more adventurous with the passing of time.

‘Grown-Up’ Cookies for Grown-Up Tastes

‘Grown-up’ inspiration has never tasted better! Lark’s team of talented bakers are committed to making the most innovative specialty food items for today’s marketplace.

Our bakers skillfully blend familiar ingredients with ‘grown-up’ inclusions to create unique and delectable combinations that are sometimes unexpected, but always delicious. All Lark products are highly flavorful and greatly applauded for being not overly sweet. Aromatic herbs, savory spices, and hand-crafted confections are just a few of the distinctive ingredients featured in our deliciously different treats.

At Lark, we believe that our grown-up cookies and biscuits are meant to be paired, as well as shared. While they can be enjoyed singularly as an indulgent snack, these little gems have endless serving options. They are a terrific dessert course for an impromptu dinner party, or easily enjoyed during an afternoon break with a warm or cold beverage of your choosing.  Indeed, what makes them especially ‘grown-up,’ is their compatibility with a wide variety of cheeses, wines, or spirits when offered during cocktail hour. With very little effort, you will discover the perfect Lark cookie or biscuit to be enjoyed on any given occasion.

Savvy Consumers Demand Quality

Flavor is only one critical component of what makes our specialty items so appealing to the savvy, health-minded consumer. Recognizing you are what your food eats, we take great care to include only the finest natural baking ingredients in our products.

All our unique recipes for ‘grown-ups’ include only premium, natural ingredients. We use no artificial or genetically modified ingredients and no preservatives. Everything put into our baked goods is selected for its superior characteristics. As a company, we have always adhered to the clean label movement and wholeheartedly commit to upholding these standards now and for the foreseeable future.

‘Grown-Up’ Consumers Perceive Benefits of Artisanal Production

We ensure the quality of Lark products by making them by hand in small batches, resulting in true artisan treats. This approach allows discerning consumers the chance to enjoy Lark cookies and biscuits at their freshest, just as you would enjoy any home-baked product. Baking in small batches allows us to deliver an uncompromising level of quality requiring the steadfast dedication of human hands and obsessive attention to detail.

The proximity of our key suppliers helps us maintain a stable of fresh ingredients for our unique cookie flavors. In this regard, we benefit greatly by having King Arthur Flour and Cabot Butter as native New Englanders.

From the flour in the dough, to the sweet or savory dusting to finish, ingredients are sourced from artisanal companies whenever possible to promote customer satisfaction for our dedicated fan base of discerning palates.

We hope that you enjoy tasting our cookies as much as we enjoy creating them!